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4 Things You Should Know About Your Thermostat Wiring

Your home thermostat is a relatively simple device that detects the temperature in your home, signals the HVAC system when it’s time to turn on or off, and allows you to make adjustments. The wiring for a thermostat is often more confusing. Here are four things you should know about thermostat wiring.

Thermostat Wiring Needs Cleaning

Thermostat wires can get dusty and need cleaning. If your unit seems to not work properly, this is a good place to start. Open the thermostat and carefully dust the interior with a small, soft paintbrush. Avoid touching any interior parts with your hands.

Thermostats have Two or More Wires

The number of wires in your thermostat varies depending on the type of thermostat you have. The most basic units have just two wires, while more sophisticated units may need ten or more wires. The more complicated units are best left to the expertise of a Calgary electrical company.

A Calgary Electrician should Handle Different Coloured Wires

A quick search online and watching a few videos can help you feel confident about installing a new thermostat, but the wires in your unit may be different colours than the ones mentioned online. It’s important to connect the right wires to the right components, so if you aren’t sure what goes where, it’s better to let a professional Calgary electrician handle the job.

Corrosion should be Removed by a Calgary Electrical Company

Sometimes thermostat wiring gets corroded. This can cause the unit to not function properly. If you notice your unit has corroded wires, it’s best to call a Calgary electrical company and have them clean the thermostat.

The wires that control your thermostat can be confusing. Learning more about wiring can help you determine when to troubleshoot the thermostat yourself and when to call a Calgary electrician.

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